Sunshine & Scarves

It was sunny, but chilly and my bus was late…what’s a girl to do but get her bf to snap a few pics of her outfit. Normally I hate waiting, but during fall in its infinite layered, colorful glory I make exceptions. Enjoy!

Scarves: Danier

Jacket: Lady Dutch

Grey Knit Sweater: Zara

Boots: Call It Spring

Rings: Brandi Melleville & Ardene

Photos by: Maciek Wilkos

Happy Halloween From Nicki Minaj

My oh so fun Nicki Minaj costume

So Halloween has come and gone and now we bask in the glory of discounted candy and Christmas lights being put up! I just love Halloween and this year was no different, but I did come to the realization of that xmas song claiming Christmas is for kids from 1-92. If that is in fact true then why can’t that rule apply to Halloween. I just want to go trick or treatin’, I just want to empty my bag at the end of the night and pack them in my lunch for the next day. I just want it all folks, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Well enough for my sugar filled rantings, Happy Halloween & All Saint’s Day.

The handsome ranger & I

The girls on Halloween

Black Corset: La Senza (bought at the La Senza sale yay)
Skirt: H&M
Leggings: Chinese Laundry
Pink Lipstick: Shiseido (it’s amazing)

The Fashionable Tourist: Lumberjack Disco

While out for a yummy sushi dinner I decided to dress down my favorite sequin dress in a very obvious way. I threw on my bf’s favorite Uniqlo plaid top, criss-crossed the front and cinched it with a belt. Fall has arrived and with that comes layering; the wonderful art of wearing multiple items at once and paying hommage the fashionable bag ladies a la Olsen & Bonham-Carter.

Also with my glorious mid-terms holding me hostage I have been stress eating … for 22 years…yup that sounds right, though the scale never does, cause I broke it…then bought myself a cupcake to feel better. But let my food-raged sugar rush ramblings be pushed aside, to explain why I brought up my stress eating in the first place. The dress, it fits, a little too well, so the plaid top is the perfect mediator between myself and my muffin top. Yet another reason I LOVE layering and fall, the knits, the flannel the fashionista’s camouflage of one too many everything. Now before anyone gets on my case about embracing one’s body image and raising self-esteem…shut up.

Do I love my body no, do I hate it no. I buy the size that fits, I know there will always be room for improvement and I will do my best to improve in the time frame, and lingering breakdowns (victoria secret fashion show *cough*) I see fit. That being said I had about 25 pieces of sushi at dinner (Zen-ya the most delicious sushi, beautiful decor and friendliest staff/chefs in Montreal and thank you for the delicious deep-fried mango ice cream dessert! I love freebies especially since the chef found out I was half Filipino and gave it to us for free! Filipino Blasian Pride <3! ).

Was I full and waddling afterwards yes, but did my man give me a kiss, slap my butt playfully and lie and say I looked skinny…yes yes he did. Did I need that to know I rocked this outfit no, but a girl loves her compliments.

Dress: ONLY
Plaid Top: Uniqlo (Mens)
Tights: H&M

The Fashionable Tourist

I now have a tumblr and blogger account to make sure The Fashionable Tourist is all mine. My blogger ( will be all my outfit post, behind the scenes and personal reviews of collections. Tumblr ( will be inspirational photos and personal styling work.

Photography: Maciek Wilkos

Outfit Post: The Fashionable Tourist Visits The Penthouse

Such a fun night during our NYFW trip. In the general mills penthouse office located within the Diesel Building in NYC.

Jacket: Full Circle
Glasses: Lucky Brand

Black Fur: Bedo
White Blazer: H&M
Black Sheer Top: H&M
Ring: Suzy Shier
Watch: Vintage Seiko

The Fashionable Tourist

The Spirit of A Hustler & The Swagger of A College Kid

This blog post isn’t just a regular street style one, it’s my attempt at opening a dialogue about something that has sparked my interest, and is deeply important to me; the world’s view and opinion on African-American’s in the fashion community. While I hate to say this, and I’m sure many of you will deny, I can’t help but be bothered by what I heard during MTL & NYFW. A group of fashionable people, talking about the outfit of one the attendees (who just happened to be black), ‘Wow! That’s a great outfit for a black guy!’ and ‘Huh, I really like what he’s wearing!’ as if to be surprised that someone within the black community can pull off something other than a pair of tight leggings and cropped bomber jacket with high tops. While I am in NO WAY saying, that everyone thinks that way, I do however hope that this post can show the world, that we all don’t dress as extras in a Lil Wayne video. We’re all different, we all have different taste and if the Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Pharell’s of the world haven’t educated you in our changing fashion sense then hopefully this post will. I’m not about to hate on anyone who enjoys their high tops as much as I enjoy my high heels, I’m just asking everyone to keep an open mind about fashion! Don’t categorize us gangsters, black hipsters or fashionable for an African-American. The African-American community has always had a huge impact on fashion, we’re just switching things up people, so try and keep up!

Huge THANK YOU to Maciek Wilkos for being the amazing photog who snapped these pics!

SSENSE Boutique Opening Street Style: Lustworthy Looks

The SSENSE boutique opening made for some extreme fashion eye candy. It was a sea of black, neutral tones and intense accessories and shoes. Making for a very happy me snapping my camera away at their lustworthy looks. Enjoy the street style looks and don’t worry the review of the event will be up very soon, and trust me when I say the wait will be worth it…hint hint beautiful pics of Alexander McQueen shoes and accessories. Need I say more.

Cobblestone Savvy

Fringe was IN

Kristina from Agence Zoi. The great PR agency that took care of the event!

Gorgeous Robyn Chalmers in a delish white leather jacket

Always fashionable Lolitta Dandoy from Clin D'Oeil & Mode A Rue Blog

love her shoes too!

Samantha from FashionIndie's eye catching necklace

Tiffany from Racked NY has great taste in high fashion jewelry

Samantha Lim from & Tiffany Yannetta of Racked NY! So sweet and loved their outfits!

Valerie's cute color block shoes

Candice of montrealinfashion super cute outfit complete with sequin oxfords and a gorgeous necklace

Elodie Laetitia from shows off her wild side in a enviable animal print blazer

My Outfit On Fashion Is My Religion Blog!

My Look for the Mercedes-Benz StartUp Fashion Show is featured on lovely Naomi Larocque’s site Fashion Is My Religion! I’m on the site with Monsieur, he always looks so good in pictures! xoxox! Thanks Naomi! Check it out here Fashion Is My Religion

Fashionable People: Free People August 2011 Lookbook

Extreme Accessories Envy

Check out my favorite images from the new Free People A 2011 lookbook. Love the brand, but for some reason these ‘Free People’ come off as sad and alone. Hmm oh well maybe they’re after a freedom is fleeting kind of theme. Well that said, still love and thoroughly enjoy the clothes as always.